Welcome to our 2.0 Share Fest!

Video Introduction

Some responses:
Digital Students @ Analog Schools

Springfield Projects (Works in Progress)
iGoogle (Kristin)
VoiceThread (Sara, Joyce)
Flickr Galleries (Art Dept.)
Animoto (James)
Delicious (Kristin...again!)

Jeff MacFarland's Senior Sem Blogs
Dallas Alexander's Senior Sem Blogs

Wikispaces for Teachers (Andrew)
Google Docs and Spreadsheats(Dan)
Voice of Vocab Podcasts
Quia vocabulary - matching & battleship (George)
Springfield Video/Audio Blog

Instructional video
Wikis in Plain English
Social Networking in Plain English
RSS in Plain English

Questions for presenters
  • What were your goals?
  • What worked?
  • What didn't work?
  • What would you differently next time?
  • Advice for others?